It was in the late 1970s, late Dr H. Thomas Rodrigo, the President of Rotary Club in Sri Jayawardanepura, entertained a challenging ambition outside his profession. That was to unlock the academic potential of our young generation in order that they could face the tumulus changes in a fast moving world with success.

With a fast increasing student population seeking undergraduate and professional studies a severe competition arose. Competitive marks at the Advanced Level became the order of the day. Education imparted in most schools needed to be supplemented. This is when the students seek for extra classes and Rotary Hall was the choice of many as it was renowned for the best lecturers across the island. Rotary Hall which was founded in 1978 became a pioneer in the field and had been playing an immense supporting role to raise the standards of the students to the maximum potential. Rotary Hall, famously known as the birth place of tuition classes, holds over 15,000 students and 200 lecturers per year and every year students are able to rank the highest in district sector and become the top in the country in most subjects. The RIHE comprises number of services such as facilitating extra classes for Ordinary Level and Advanced Level and even tertiary professional education targeting jobs Local and Abroad.

With over 40 years of experience in the education field, RIHE had been able to produce students who are now being the finest doctors, engineers, lawyers and accountants in the country and also not limiting to our country but holding our pride high in many countries as well providing their services using a Sri Lankan identity.

It is with great pride and happiness that we stand in the society looking back at our achievements and the services we have done to the country.