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Known for making things smaller, faster and first, Japan was until recently the second-largest economy in the world (it’s now second, behind the US). Its economic strength is at least partly due to the strong research and development industry corresponding to beyond imagination that underlies the successful international brands such as Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Canon and Sony – as well as producing robots for every need imaginable. The reason why Japan has become a successful nation is because Japan looks at things finely and researches upon it before developing a splendid product to the world. Unsurprisingly, an excellent higher education system lies behind all this innovation.

What comprises of this excellent higher education system?

It is none other than the vast span of universities across all Japan which is enriched with brilliant minds working together.

Kyoto University and The University of Tokyo are in joint first place in the 2018 Times Higher Education Japan University Rankings.

Among the 780 universities in the country some top universities are Tohoku University, Waseda University, Nagoya University, Osaka University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Sapporo University, Aomori University, Kyushu University, Keio University, Tokyo College of Engineering Tsukuba University to name a few.

The country discovered the 5S policy which all the other countries are currently using in the modern economy and has found to be an effective policy in running the world’s affairs.

People of Japan known to be the masterminds of the world have won various Nobel prizes in the recent past establishes the fact that Japan is the most splendid country in the world.

Japan recognizes that prices are high in the world and the government performs the additional bailout for the foreign students. It contributes various studentship and grants for education, culture and sports through Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) hence a splendid support for the foreign students is active in comparison with other countries in the world.

Shinya Yamanaka - 2012 Nobel prize for medicine
Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura - 2014 Nobel prize for Physics

Why choose Rotary Saiwai Japanese Academy?

Established in 1979, annually we provide Education to over 15,000 A/L Students (science- Commerce – Arts) Weekly over 5000 students participate in our programs, 30 modern lecture halls ,lectures delivered by part time university lectures and leading school teaches.

Welcome to the Rotary Institute of Higher Education. One of the most popular Sri Lankan Private Educational Institutes which located in the heart of the city of Nugegoda, surrounded by leading schools and universities and approximately 5km to the Capital business city, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Rotary Institute of Higher Education based within more than one acre with modern buildings and class room facilities. It was founded in 1979 by Dr. Thomas Rodrigo, the President of Rotary Club in Sri Jayawardanepura. Throughout the thirty (35) years, it is the pioneer and is regarded as one of the country's leading Educational providers. Rotary Institute of Higher Education facilitator is a home to any age group student population in Sri Lankan Education field including Primary, Secondary and recruiting students to a multitude of universities and educational institutes in various countries. We provide our service through the year targeting different exams and services.

The Rotary Higher Education Institute comprises number of educational services such as Rotary Hall for extra facilitating classes for Ordinary Level, Advance Level with best results in Sri Lanka and tertiary level with professional education targeting jobs local and Abroad. The student population is around 10,000 -15 000 per year. Rotary International School provides Primary to Advanced level British and Local curriculum education. Our Institute is colloquially known as one of the most popular educational institute in Sri Lanka many years of Education service. We have employed nearly 300, appointed and self……. teachers for all educational purposes in our institute in different Departments.

Japanese Universities

One thing that will certainly help to attract international students is the introduction of more courses taught partly or entirely in English. Other schemes to attract more overseas students include:

  • Hiring special staff to support international students
  • Allowing students to start courses in September (instead of April, which is when Japan’s academic year usually starts)
  • Recruiting more teaching staff from outside Japan
  • Increasing exchange programs with universities in other countries
  • Provide part time job facilities (28 hours per week)

Aware that living and studying in Japan is expensive compared to many countries, the government has also introduced additional financial support for foreign students. Various university scholarships and grants are available through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

There are approximately 780 universities in Japan, of which about 80% are private. There are also specialized schools and colleges that provide more vocational types of degree. The nation’s strongest global ranking is currently claimed by the University of Tokyo, close behind is Tokyo Institute of Technology, with a further 40 Japanese universities ranked among the world’s best.

ROTARY SAIWAI JAPANESE ACADEMY creates a pathway for the students to enter into top level universities and technical schools such as Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, Osaka University, Yokohama University, Keio University, Waseda University, Tohoku University to name a few.

And you can choose your own courses:

  • Management
  • Engineering courses
  • Medical courses
  • Marketing
  • IT courses
  • Language
  • Cooking studies
  • Science of Arts

These are to name a few of the courses we recruit students. You can contact us for further details regarding any other courses if you wish to follow.

Pathways to University Education

The main requirement a student must obtain is that he/she must learn their native language, i.e. Japanese language.

To study in Japan, you must pass with N4 grade or N5 grade in Japanese level. (You must pass it with at least fifth grade of JLPT and the NAT examination to study in Japan)

We at ROTARY SAIWAI JAPANESE ACADEMY provides classes from the 1st grade to the 5th grade of JLPT and NAT examinations starting from the basic Japanese a.i.u.e.o eventually making the student get used to the Japanese culture. We have an excellent panel of well experienced lecturers who have a background of Japanese knowledge working in Japan for most part of their life. Therefore, we assure you that you will be able to pass these examinations with ease!!

After the completion of the N5 and N4 examinations you are eligible to enter into Japan to continue the rest of the language studies for the next 2 years. We help you to find the technical school of your liking.

These are some of the technical schools we recommend:

  • Fuji International
    language Institute

  • Manabi Japanese Language

  • Arms Japanese Language School

  • Saitama International

  • Nagoya International

  • Human Academy
    Japanese language School

What more does our Institute offer you?

We do all the necessary support to all the students who wish to fulfill the careers through our ACADEMY.

  • Visa consultations
  • Hostel facilities
  • Guide lines to live the abroad life
  • Find part time jobs if you request (28 hours per week)
  • Parents can contact us 24/7 about any concern of your child
  • Experience agents who are exposed to Japanese culture
  • 100% security of the students

We give the maximum possible facilities in the most reasonable way according to the laws and orders of both countries because our Institute’s motive is to provide the best education environment for every child of Sri Lanka and one-day serve back our country to make it a better place. ROTARY INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, most commonly known as “ROTARY HALL” been the birth place of education in Sri Lanka has a renowned reputation for over 40 years hence it is our responsibility to maintain our high standards in the future too.

So let us create the pathway for your child what you always dreamt about!

Please contact us for any further inquiries. Just drop in the message and WE WILL CONTACT YOU!

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